After 3 years of being present in the fintech space, waiz is concluding its operations at the end of August.

We would like to inform you that your account will be automatically deactivated.

Thank you for your support.

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Very good and time saving app 👌
Very useful app. If you want to have a quick expenses analysis, it's a good choice.
I use it as my financial manager for the last few months and the results are outstanding 😊. I have been able to categorize all my expenses, find where I spend more than needed and understand how I can reduce them.
Great app. Really improved from previous versions. Looking forward for the upcoming new features!!
Super useful to keep track of my expenses and all my banks!

With waiz you can

See your bank accounts in one screen 

Your income and expenses gathered in one app so that you have full overview and control over your finances.

Learn where, how much and how you spend easily

Your transactions are categorized in order to have a better understanding of your finances. 

Set savings goals

Manage your finances with waiz tools that help you set limits on your expenses per category. 

Commence Bank Transfers from various banks in one point

With the safety guidelines addressed by the PSD2 and quick and easy access to all your transfer history.


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