National Bank of Greece (NBG), one of the leading banks in Greece (General Commercial Registry Number 000237901000), based in Athens (86 Aeolou Street), (hereafter "the Bank", "we", "us" "), provides to customers of Payment Service Providers (hereinafter " You ", “your”), the WAIZ Application (hereinafter the " App"), through which Account Information Services are provided as described in Law 4537/2018 (incorporating into Greek law Directive EU 2015/2366 - PSD II). WAIZ is an application that allows you to aggregate all your online banking accounts in one secure app and analyses your account information to help you manage your money simply and more efficiently (“the Services”). These are the Terms and Conditions of use for the App and the Services.

1. Conditions for using the service

By installing the App and using our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of use and our Privacy Statement. You can always find the WAIZ Terms and Conditions of use and our Privacy Statement on our website at or in the App.
Please review our Terms and Conditions of use carefully before accepting them. You may only use the App if you are 18 years or older. By using the App, you confirm that you are 18 years or older.
These Terms will govern the relationship between you and us and apply from when you first install WAIZ and register to our Services, until your account is deleted or terminated according to section IX below.
If there’s anything you don’t understand, please get in touch with us via e-mail at

2. Welcome on board

To login to the Service, you must install the App on an electronic telecommunication device, i.e. smartphone or tablet (hereinafter the “Device”). To install the App on the Device, you should follow the instructions provided through the App. The App can be installed on one or more Devices.
When you log in for the first time to the Services via the App, you must register to the Services and create an account by entering your email address, first name and set up a password (hereinafter “Password”). Your email address is verified during the registration process. The email address together with the Password grants you access to the App (alternatively, you may use a four digits Pin or your Device’s stored biometric data such as fingerprint or facial recognition data, depending on which functions your device supports).
You must keep your password secret. If you lose your Password, you will be able to reset it following a renewal process through the email address you have linked to the App. You agree and understand that you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this information.
After your first login to the Service, then you can login in one of the following ways:
a. by entering the email address and Password that you set during your registration process;
b. by entering your four-digit Pin;
c. by setting up your own Touch ID using your fingerprint or Face ID, which have been chosen by you for this specific use.

To login to the Service using Touch ID or Face ID, you must install the App on a Device with the appropriate capabilities (e.g. Touch ID sensor, and capability for verifying the unique 3D facial characteristics via TrueDepth camera). Any Touch id or Face ID stored in your Device will enable access to the Services. If the Touch ID or Face ID of more users of the device are stored on it, you should not activate the same access option to the Service.
For the avoidance of any doubt, it is expressly agreed that to access the App and activate and use the Service using Touch ID or Face ID, you must use only your own Touch ID or Face ID.
WAIZ does not record, reproduce or save in any way your PIN code, Touch ID or Face ID. The various features of your fingerprint (Touch ID) or facial recognition characteristics (Face ID) are encrypted, cannot leave your Device, are not included in backups (i.e. in iCloud) or elsewhere, and are stored only on your Device on which the App is installed.
You shall ensure the secure and effective storage of your Device and your Password for accessing the Service.

3. At one glace (services)

The App allows you to have a clear view of all your payment accounts (current and savings) and cards (credit and prepaid) held in any of the four systemic banks or other Payment Service Providers in Greece (namely: National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, Eurobank, Piraeus Bank, N26 and Revolut), with which you have a customer relationship (your “Provider(s)”), along with the details of all transactions which are applied to those accounts, all aggregated in one friendly and easy-to-use environment. The App automatically categorizes all your transactions and grands you access to personalized reports. Simultaneously, the Services enable you to set up goals and challenges and create budgets to monitor your expenses. You can also get notified for different events (e.g. low balance, monthly report available, unexpected transactions…)
The App aims to serve as a tool for you to monitor and manage your finances in the most effective way possible. By all means, the Services limit to the provision of Account Information Service as described in Law 4537/2018 and do not constitute financial or professional advice.

4. Identification and account information

In order for us to provide the Services, you will need to give us certain details which we will use to verify your identity with your Provider(s) and obtain information about your accounts and transactions. In addition, we will need access to your bank details i.e. certain information about the bank accounts you wish to add to the App (such as log-in credentials to your online banking). The information we ask and retrieve are the absolutely necessary for the proper and successful use of WAIZ while the content is stored fully encrypted and cannot be accessed by us. Your bank details are encrypted using asymmetric key mechanism, which uses the RSA algorithm with a x.509v3 certificate. Moreover, all servers are configured to use TLS 1.2., 1.1. or 1.0. to encrypt the data in transfer.
You must ensure the information you enter into the App is always accurate and up to date, otherwise the App will no longer be able to function properly. If at any time we believe that your information is outdated or inaccurate, we may require you to update them and to go through the verification process again.
For the purposes of account aggregation as part of the Services, you grant us (and our third party providers) a limited power of attorney to access on your behalf third party websites, i.e. your Provider(s), retrieve and use your Account Information – in respect of the bank accounts that you add into the App and in accordance with our Privacy Statement – with the full power and authority to proceed with and perform every action necessary in connection with such activities as described herein, as you could do in person.
You acknowledge and agree that when we access and retrieve account information from your Provider(s), we act as your ‘agent’, not as the agent of or on behalf of any of your Providers.
You declare and guarantee that you are entitled to submit to us all the above information to use for the purposes described under the present Terms, without any further obligation or limitation to your rights.
Where a dedicated access interface, verified under the current legal and regulatory framework, is made available to us by your Provider we will retrieve your Account Information through it, by making requests to your Provider to send us with your consent information on your accounts. In order for the App to update automatically, we can access and update the Account Information on a regular basis (up to 4 times within 24 hours as specified by applicable regulation); each time you log in to the App; and when you manually refresh the App.

5. Updates and maintenance

For the proper and safe operation of the App, it is required your Device is compatible and with the appropriate software. For the safe and up-to-date provision of the Services or for the addition of new features we may ask you for an update of your Device or occasionally moderate the list of compatible devices or software.
The App cannot be used on jailbroken/rooted devices. Such devices that are vulnerable to malware attacks and viruses, thus posing a risk for, among other things, the safety and security of the Device and the App. Installing and/or using WAIZ on such devices is – inter alia – a violation of the terms of the present agreement. The Bank shall in no way be liable for any action or task performed on and/or through jailbroken/rooted devices and any related liability shall be exclusively assumed by you. The Bank reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the Service or access to the App, in whole or in part, for reasons relating to security and/or suspicions of non-authorized or fraudulent use of jailbroken/rooted device. We will not be responsible for any loss caused by use of the App on such a device or by the failure of the App to work properly or at all in that case.
You declare that you know how to operate the Device and the software required for accessing and using the App, have a valid license to use this software (by complying with the relevant terms), and that the Bank shall not be liable for the suitability and security of the device and any third-party software that is required to access and use the App.
You should take every measure necessary to protect your Device, and if stolen or lost or used by a non-authorized person, you should notify us immediately by emailing us at In such a case, we can deactivate your WAIZ account (including accessibility to your bank accounts through the App), but we strongly advise that you inform your Provider(s) accordingly to safeguard the security of your bank accounts.
The App is available 24/7. In case of planned or unscheduled technical maintenance and update, access to the Services might be interrupted or delayed for a variety of factors. In such cases we are making our best to restore access to the Services as soon as possible.
The Bank undertakes to do its utmost to preserve the security of the Application. However, we cannot guarantee that the App is invulnerable to any viruses or other malicious code, as with most services that are being provided online.
If you have any troubles or technical errors while using WAIZ, do not hesitate to tell us about in via e-mail at

6. Change of terms

The Bank reserves the right, in its judgment and sole discretion, to amend unilaterally these Terms and Conditions of use at any time without prior notice, simply by announcing such to you through the WAIZ App or website and the revised Terms are effective immediately upon posting. If you continue to use the Αpp and the Services following the posting of the revised Terms, you are deemed to accept and agree to be bound by any changes to the Terms.

7. Your responsibility

You confirm that all information you provide to register with and use the Services, regarding yourself and/or your bank accounts you add to WAIZ, must be true, accurate, complete and up to date (e.g. when you close a bank account or you change your contact details) and governed by our Privacy Statement.
As long as you use the Services you confirm and guarantee that you are the legal beneficiary of the designated bank accounts you add to WAIZ.
You also confirm that you have the right to use the Services in respect of access to Account Information. Bear in mind that you are sole responsible to check that use of the Services does not contradict with your contractual relationship with your Provider(s) and your rights and obligations towards the latter. So please take all actions necessary for you to have legitimate access to the Services.
You acknowledge that we are not responsible for the Account Information accuracy, legality or otherwise. You also acknowledge that the Services are purely informative and depict the Account Information as retrieved; you and your Provider(s) are wholly responsible for the way that your bank accounts operate.
You must keep your sign-in credentials secret and safe and notify us immediately in case you know or suspect unauthorised use (e.g. if your Device is stolen).
As long as you use the Services you must not:
• Use the Services in any unlawful way or in breach of these Terms or any applicable law, or act fraudulently or maliciously;
• Conduct in any way that restricts or prevents any other’s use of the Services, including attempt to access the account of any third party or to bypass security features;
• Use the Services in a way that could damage or compromise our systems or security or interfere with the proper working of the Services, including transferring or trying to transfer viruses or other malicious codes into our systems;
• Infringe intellectual property rights in relation to the Services.

We reserve the right to assign our rights and obligations under these Terms to another entity of the NBG Group, without affecting in any way your rights or obligations. You may not assign your rights or obligations under these Terms to another person, either in total or partially.

8. Our liability and disclaimers

You fully understand and unconditionally agree that we are not liable for any damages you may incur caused by your breach, act or omission, events outside of our control, or our need to comply with our legal and regulatory framework governing the Services.
The information presented on or through the Services is made available solely for information purposes and it is not financial or professional advice. You should not rely solely on information, content or materials presented on or through the Services as the sole basis for making financial management decisions. Your use of the Services is entirely upon your discretion. The Bank, its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies, representatives, directors, representatives and its personnel and/or other persons associated with it have no obligation and do not undertake any liability in connection with or as a consequence of any investment or other decisions you make to manage your finances based on the Services. In any case, we recommend that you refer to qualified consultants.
We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the information retrieved from your accounts, which is provided to you as available via your Providers.

9. Termination

The Bank reserves the right to suspend the use of the Service for objective reasons related to the security of the Service, or if it suspects that the Service is being used without authorization or fraudulently or for reasons related to the certification and verification of your identity, pursuant to the regulatory and legislative framework each time applicable.
In such a case, the Bank shall notify you of such suspension and the reasons thereof by any means deemed appropriate, either prior to suspension, if practical, or immediately after suspension at the latest, unless such notification is precluded for objective security reasons or is prohibited by applicable national or community laws.
If the reasons for suspending use of the Service no longer apply, the Bank will lift the suspension.
We reserve the right to discontinue access to the Service and terminate the present with immediate effect, indicatively in the following cases: a) in the event of breach of any Term hereof, all of which are agreed as substantial, b) in the event of termination of the Service by the Bank, c) in the event of any other breach related to the applicable legal and regulatory framework or if so requested by any competent authority, d) if we suspect unauthorized or fraudulent use of the App or breach of security, e) if we believe there is a valid reason to do so etc.
These Terms continue to apply until terminated by you or us. If for any reason you wish to terminate the agreement at any time you may click the option ‘’Delete my Account” on your WAIZ profile and uninstall the App from your Device or you may send us an e-mail at in order to delete your account and your ability to log in to the App and the Services.

10. Intellectual property

By accepting these Terms of use, you agree that we are granting you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and freely revocable license to install and use the App and the Services for your personal (non-commercial) use in accordance with these Terms. This license will end as soon as you deactivate your WAIZ account or you delete the App or in case of termination of the present Terms under section IX above.
These Terms of use do not give you any right of ownership over the Services and all their components (all trademarks, copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights of any nature of the App and the Services, including software, data bases etc.) which are and remain the exclusive property of the Bank or its licensors. Any distribution, reprint or electronic reproduction of any content from the Services in whole or in part for any purpose is prohibited without our prior written consent.

11. Personal data processing

For the purposes of executing this Agreement and providing the Services, the Bank as Controller collects, maintains and processes your personal data in accordance with the applicable European and national laws and regulations. You have been informed by the Bank in a clear and intelligible manner about the processing of your data, the purpose of such processing, the recipients of the data and your rights under the current institutional framework, while you undertake to promptly inform the Bank of any change of your personal data. Regarding the collection, holding and processing of your personal data, the conditions set out in the Privacy Statement, which has been communicated to you during registration to the Services, shall apply. The Privacy Statement is available on the WAIZ website at and through the App.
Please note that your information shared with our third-party providers is limited to the level for the optimal provision or improvement of the Services. We will not sell your information to any third party.
Through the use of strict access controls, monitoring and encryption, we ensure that the information that you provide us cannot be accessed by unauthorised third parties.

12. Complaints

For any complaint or dispute in relation to the Application and the Services, you can send us an email to

13. Applicable law – jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by Greek law. For any dispute or claim arising directly or indirectly out of, or in connection with, these Terms, unless an amicable solution is reached, territorial jurisdiction shall have either the courts defined as competent under the Code of Civil Procedure (such as your place of residence or place of the contract) or the courts of Athens.

14. Miscellaneous

These Terms of use along with our Privacy Statement constitute the sole and entire agreement between the parties herein with respect to the Services and supersede all prior understandings, agreements, representations and warranties, both written and oral, with respect to the Services.
In the event that any of these Terms is declared by any court or competent authority to be unenforceable or unlawful, the rest of the Terms shall remain in full force and effect